Roxanne Ward Results

Roxanne Ward, medical malpractice attorney, is proud of the work she does and the results she achieves. Below are some of the outcomes of her cases.


  • $4.3 million — Improper management of labor and delivery resulting in severe Cerebral Palsy
  • $900,000 — Foot drop and nerve damage following hip replacement surgery
  • $675,000 — Failure to timely diagnose and treat small bowel obstruction resulting in profound septic shock in 53 year old female
  • $600,000 — Death of 58 year old man from medication errors causing intracerebral hemorrhage
  • $500,000 — Death of an infant from failure to timely diagnose and treat heart defect
  • $500,000 — Death in Emergency Room resulting from failure to administer appropriate medications
  • $440,000 — Death in Emergency Room resulting from failure to diagnose and treat an abdominal aortic aneurysm

The facts of every case are different and these results do not guarantee similar results will be reached in any future case.

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