Unfortunately, there are many different types of birth injuries and conditions that affect newborns worldwide. If your child is harmed during birth, you deserve to know what went wrong. After investigating the circumstances, you may discover that your son’s or daughter’s injury was preventable but a medical professional or facility acted in a negligent manner.

When it comes to birth injuries, any of the following parties may be to blame for mistakes or lack of proper attention:

  • Obstetrician — If, during your pregnancy, your obstetrician fails to diagnose or respond to conditions or disorders, your child could suffer harm as a result.
  • Pharmacist — A pharmacist may be liable if he or she provides you with a drug or dosage that is unsafe for a pregnant woman.
  • Delivery physician — It is the responsibility of the delivering physician to properly manage labor and delivery.  If the physician is negligent, the baby could suffer brain injury, cerebral palsy, Erb’s Palsy, as well as various other serious conditions.
  • Midwife — Today, many people are relying on midwives to provide support and care throughout pregnancy and during childbirth. In the event that you rely on the services of a midwife for an at-home birth and your child suffers harm, you may have a case for medical malpractice. For example, if your child is not in the proper position during birth, and your midwife fails to respond adequately, your son or daughter may be deprived of oxygen and could sustain harm.

Finding out your son or daughter suffered injury at birth is traumatic. But parents have the right to fight back and demand that those negligent take responsibility. To learn more about your legal options in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, consult an attorney.